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At the end of the 70’s, a new locking concept called «electro­magnetic lock» was created in the West of the United States.

It was firstly aimed at facilitating the installation of door locking systems, offering a higher quality and reliability than the existing electrical door openers.

A few years later, in the early 80’s, its creator travelled to Europe and met our group founders (HQMAG). He gave them the task to develop this new concept on the Continent and beyond. Aware of the potential of the electro­magnetic locks, a group policy was put in place.

The initial production centre was created and the distribution network quickly expanded, both geographically and economically. Then, many partnerships were developed with companies operating under their own brand or integrating our components in their finished products.

Over the decades, the reliability and exceptional quality of our products have formed our renowned reputation regarded by the professionals of the Access Management market. The strength of our origins naturally led us to name our products "HQMAG" which stands for High Quality electroMAGnet.

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About us

Innovation and quality, our long-term success foundations.

Innovation 1

Our wish to offer a stable product of proven quality was always essential to us and is still key today. Our solutions must provide our clients with security and protection without compromising on quality and reliability.

HQMAG forbid the use of low cost manufacturing and built-in obsolescence. Innovation is central to our development. HQ MAG has always been committed to moving forward and anticipating the market needs. Our long-term research effort, based on our clients’ expectations and protected by numerous patents allows us to innovate quickly and efficiently.

Among the major advances in access security, we are responsible for the development of the Vortex hybrid locking system, the MegaLed signal for electro­magnetic locking, and a new approach to emergency exit with the Vortex escape.

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About us

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HQ MAG is a key global player in the Security and Access Control market. We handle the process from product design to marketing, including manufacturing. We are represented across the globe and are dealing with both established and emerging markets.

In the ever growing sector of electro­magnetic and Electromechanical Security , HQ MAG is more than ever living up to its reputation as market leader.

In Europe, our main importation and logistic operator is based in Belgium, in the Brussels periphery.

Our offer provides 10 different ranges, which include more than 50 individual products.

  • Locking: electromagnets, hybrid locking systems (Vortex), electric strikes, adjustable transom brackets, Vortex handles, …
  • Accessories: metal supports, doorloops, push buttons, power supplies, clean covers for locks, …
  • Fire safety: electromagnets Das, Vortex hybrid locking systems, Vortex Escape, …
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