Download HQ MAG BIM files dedicated to high security / quality locking.

Through its specifiers corner, HQ MAG provides you with BIM objects for each of its locking solutions.

You can benefit from free new BIM files dedicated to classic electromagnetic locking, as well as files for “Vortex” hybrid locking systems. You can download them as Revit and IFC files.

Updates and our latest innovation will be regularly uploaded on this page. You can request to receive these updates via email through the download form.

To download BIM files, click on BIM download.

BIM challenge?

Access to these files are nowadays a necessity to successfully realise your projects. This is why HQ MAG wants to make these files available to anyone in the construction industry. We are committed to offering complete BIM files allowing everyone to work in the most efficient way, whilst keeping the digital model BIM file at an optimal size. Finally, with this tool and thanks to the extensive content of BIM files, you will be able to rapidly and efficiently respond to an invitation to tender.

What is a BIM file?

English acronym that stands for “Building Information Modeling”. A BIM object corresponds to all data that can describe an object from the real world (a chair, a table, a locking system, a door …). It is made of:

Therefore, the BIM object becomes an interactive tool (within the plan) valuable at each stage of the life cycle of a building : design, building, delivery, maintenance, …

Why use BIM in your projects?

Introducing BIM to your projects allows you to share and design among several people using the same digital model. Thus, each project participant can react in real time, making modifications or changes immediately available to all.

Information in the BIM object also allows one to easily anticipate the interactions between the different objects of the model (Space requirements within the door unit, wiring plans, …). Utilising BIM creates a common infrastructure that will support each actor involved in the construction of the building, from the technical review, to its construction, through to its maintenance.

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