30 Oct 2020

The MEGALED, HQ MAG clears your security up

The MEGALED, HQ MAG clears your security up

In a world in which each second counts, where information has to be found in the twikling of an eye and for which security is a key pilar, the patented MegaLed is a unique and reliable asset within the HQ MAG range.

Controlling the correct locking of access points becomes as easy as 1, 2, 3 thanks to the HQ MAG electromagnets featuring a MegaLed. Indeed, this large and bright signal allows a quick and safe check that all the doors, of a hall, are correctly closed and locked. This instant surveillance can also be achieved via security cameras.

The HQ MAG MegaLed is designed in angle to be easily seen from different points of views.

The red and green MegaLed indicates either the correct locking (DSS) or open access of the door (LSS).

This is an exclusive and patented feature available at HQ MAG only.

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