16 Nov 2020

BIM opens doors to HQ MAG

BIM opens doors to HQ MAG

Most of the HQ MAG locking ranges are from now on available in BIM.

Regardless of passing trends of Building Information Modeling, the HQ MAG’s aim is to offer, all-in-one, the appropriate information to your project.

Following this objective, we designed our objects to be usable in a digital model (avoiding non-essential information making the object heavy) while meeting the expectations of the different actors they are made for (talking of architects, consulting engineers, installers and without neglecting maintenance technicians).

Thanks to this approach, HQ MAG steps in at the very first stages of the elaboration of a project.

Needless to say, an IT tool, even well designed, will never replace the human contact. This is why we are still very pleased to assist you and give you the best advises possible to help you to opt for the most suitable solutions.

Amongst our BIM objects, we count our historical range of electromagnets but also our inovative VORTEX range.

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