9 May 2022

The VX2400-ESCAPE: the solution for your emergency exits

The VX2400-ESCAPE: the solution for your emergency exits

How to secure your emergency exit without compromising its function as an emergency escape route?

HQMAG has THE solution : VX2400-ESCAPE

Image d'une issue de secours pendant un incendie

In terms of emergency exits, until now, there were 3 options:

1 – Leave free access: Respect the safety of people to the detriment of the security of your establishment.

2 – Deny access without the possibility of unlocking it: Ensure the security of the establishment but violate basic personal safety rules.

3 – Install an expensive UGCIS or autonomous system: Respect security and safety but not the good health of your wallet.

At last, HQMAG offers you a solution that eliminates all the disadvantages and only offers advantages. The VX2400-Escape, THE universal solution, simple and affordable, in response to conflicts between the safety of people and the security of property, in the context of emergency exits. The VX2400-Escape consists of a Vortex Hybrid Locking, known for its exceptional holding force of 15,000N and for its pressure sensors that trigger an alarm in the event of abnormal constraints on the door.

Comply with: NF S61 937-x, CE 2014/30/EU, EN 13637 (Chap.7) 2015, EN 1670, EN ISO 9227, ASTM B 117, RoHS/Reach


To provide real management of the emergency exit, the VX2400-Escape is equipped with numerous inputs dedicated to external information (green glass breakage, fire panel link, access control, reset, etc.) which support the incorporated sensors (camera, pressure sensor, door position sensor and of good locking, etc.). The set of information collected allows the on-board micro-intelligence to deduce the appropriate action to the situation. 

That’s it, your emergency exit is secure while ensuring its primary function of personal safety … and your wallet will thank you!