2 Dec 2022

VX2400-Escape : Retailers’ counterattack against shoplifting…

VX2400-Escape : Retailers’ counterattack against shoplifting…

An innovation in surveillance and “anti-intrusion/escape” device: VX2400-Escape

Shoplifting in small and large stores is more than ever a scourge out of control.
This article from Huck Mag* denounces a 21% increase in shoplifting in supermarkets.

Emergency exits are one of the weak points in terms of theft prevention. Indeed, most of the time, when no alert is given (fire, attack, etc.), an emergency exit can be an entry and an exit point not controlled by the merchant and a so an obvious gift for thieves.

Although too often used, locking the access (via padlocks,…) is not a solution as it would make the emergency exit a dead end. And an actual drama in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Existing devices on the market require human intervention to monitor access. This generates a cost that small and medium businesses cannot afford.

This is where our compact, autonomous and intelligent management unit comes in:


Your emergency exit remains one, but thieves will not be able to use it to escape. In addition, this access can be used for night or other deliveries.

Economical and easy to install, the Vortex VX2400-Escape is an all-in-one solution. Indeed, by itself, it ensures both the security of property and the safety of people, through the access it equips. This dual approach makes the VX2400-Escape the ideal equipment also for a psychiatric institute, a retirement home, a hospital, a place of detention or any other place open to the public (supermarket, cinema, …).

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COMPLY WITH: NF S61 937-X, CE 2014/30/EU, EN 13637 (CHAP.7) 2015, EN 1670, EN ISO 9227, ASTM B 117, ROHS/REACH

*to read Huck Magazine’s investigation on shoplifting: click here